• Veteran Actress Tanuja image
    Veteran Actress Tanuja

    I loved the enthusiasm of the Festival hosted in such a small town. The local talents, the films and the cultural events were simply amazing.

  • Boney Kapoor image
    Boney Kapoor

    Everything was organised to perfection and I simply loved to be a part of this festival.

  • Prakash Jha image
    Prakash Jha

    It was a wonderful experience to be a part of Khajuraho International Film Festival.

  • Ramesh Sippy image
    Ramesh Sippy

    I was extremely delighted to witness such a fantastic film festival.

  • Neerja Naik  image
    Neerja Naik

    Executive Producer and Actress of Hollywood Film ‘Sold’ directed by Academy Award Winning Director Jeffrey D. Brown It was really exciting to be part of Khajuraho international Film Festival. I loved the dance performances and it was really wonderful to see the local children and perfomers. It’s very inspiring.

  • Marianne Chicherio di Borgo  image
    Marianne Chicherio di Borgo
    French Film and TV Actress

    Dear Wonderful team of Khajuraho film festival First of all congratulations for the beautiful festival and the wonderful organisation I had a dream time in Khajuraho and was very impressed by all the events and the mixture of local artists and Bollywood stars and obviously the selection of the films and the guests but the most important was the impressive audience at all the venues which were packed so Big applause to the magic touch of Sir Raja Bundela and Shushmita Mukerjee who have given birth to Khajuraho film festival which can and will in a few years time become The festival of India . The prophecy Of Shyam S.Poddar (Founder of The Orient Express and Hotel Chandela ) made in 1966 will become true : Khajuraho certainly will stage a comeback after 1000 years ,like no other place in the world has done " It is in respecting the site of Khajuraho temples and stopping a concrete jungle that the minister of culture and The government of Madhya Pradesh has understood that It was essential to preserve the beauty of the place . My secret dream in the future will be to see a few kilometers away from The village a cinema as big as the palais des festivals in Cannes but built outside in the shape of a temple then the all world will come like they do for the "Taj Mahal "to admire "The Mecque of Cinema " twinned with the greatest art form of India so I hope you will continue to preserve the magic of the place like you already have done . Thank you once again for inviting me It has been ultimate Joy and will try my best in the future to be a bridge between France and India .

  • Bobby Sarma Baruah image
    Bobby Sarma Baruah
    Director 'Sonar Baran Pakhi' screened at 2nd Khajuraho International Film Festival

    It was a great experience at Khajuraho International Film Festival for me and its indeed a great honor as I could share my creation in front of Khajuraho audience. I would like to thank the whole festival team for their great effort in celebrating the festival in such a traditional way. I wish all the very best to the festival for the near future projects and I hope to be a part of the festival again in the future along with my new feature film.

  • Charles Thomson  image
    Charles Thomson
    Australian Actor

    I felt privileged to be invited to such a beautiful festival set amongst the ancient Khajrahao temples and had a fantastic time. The local participation and enthusiasm for the festival was simply amazing. In seven days I felt like I had nearly met every person who matters in this wonderful region. Also managed to see some fantastic films and meet the cast and crew too.

  • Shefali Bhusan  image
    Shefali Bhusan
    Director ‘Jugni’ screened at 2nd Khajuraho International Film Festival

    It was a pleasure being there and showing Jugni.

  • Himani Shivpuri  image
    Himani Shivpuri
    Television and Film Actress

    It was a pleasure.

  • Gopi Desai  image
    Gopi Desai


  • Akshay Singh  image
    Akshay Singh
    Director 'Pinky Beauty Parlour' screened at 2nd Khajuraho International Film Festival

    A very big thank you to you all for inviting me and my film 'Pinky Beauty Parlour' to your festival. Thank you for being such a good host and giving me a unique experience of Tapra Talkies. I really appreciate the efforts that you all have made to put up the film festival. My best wishes to you all. I am sure Khajuraho Film Festival will grow many folds in the years to come. Lots of love